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13651 Woodinville Redmond Road NE
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(425) 885- 9517

~ Our Goal Is To Teach Horsemanship, Equine Safety
and English and Western Riding Skills To Children
Ensuring Them A Lifetime Of Pleasure Around Horses ~



PAPERWORK - A Medical Information Form and Waiver of Liability Permission slip must be signed by a parent or guardian for each student prior to their first class. It must contain current information and be updated yearly or if any change occurs. If a rider misses a lesson(s) due to an injury, The Horsemanship School must have a doctor’s note authorizing the rider’s ability to return to horseback riding lessons. It is strongly advised that every student’s immunization for tetanus be kept up-to-date.

LESSON TUITION PAYMENT – Payment is due 14 days prior to the beginning of the session. Payment received 14 days prior to the beginning of the session reserves a spot in class. Late payments will incur a $20.00 late fee and may result in loss of a spot in class. Session must be paid in full for a student to attend the first lesson.

CAMP TUITION PAYMENT – Spring and Summer Camps are extremely popular and space is very limited. Camp tuition is due in full at the time of registration for all riders. We cannot hold any camp spots for a later decision.

DRESS CODE - ASTM/SEI approved riding helmets and riding boots are mandatory for students at THS (no hiking boots, tennis shoes, clogs or sandals) NO EXCEPTIONS! We have a number of ASTM/SEI APPROVED helmets and many sizes of riding boots available for students to borrow. Hairstyles and accessories must not interfere with the proper fit of riding helmets. Shoulders and legs must be completely covered (no spaghetti straps, tank tops, skirts, capris or shorts). Riding gloves with grips are helpful. Classes are held rain or shine so be sure to dress for the weather!

SAFETY - No one but THS Staff and helmeted participants are allowed in the barn. Students may not enter the barn unless a THS staff member is present. Students must be supervised by a parent or guardian before and after class times. Siblings must be supervised at all times. Horses can be startled by sudden movement, unexpected noises flashing lights, other animals, and more. Please, NO FLASH CAMERAS, balloons, umbrellas, strollers, or backpacks are allowed near the horses. Take care with toys used by siblings. Please park in designated areas and prevent honking car horns or alarms, flashing headlights, and revving motors. Absolutely NO DOGS or other leashed or unleashed pets are allowed near the horses. Minimize noise and movement when near the barn or in the Observation Deck.

BEHAVIOR – THS Staff reserves the right to decide when and if a student’s behavior or attitude is unsafe or disruptive. Unsafe or disruptive behavior may result in a student being excused from class or camp.

COMMUNICATION - We are always interested in any information that you can give us that will help us teach your child better. Please bring special circumstances to the instructor’s attention by phone or by e-mail rather then the half hour between classes. We have 24 hour voice mail at 425-885-9517 and our email address is listed in the address line below. Please leave a message as to the best time to return your call.

SNOW/WEATHER CANCELLATIONS – If the weather is questionable we will change the recorded message of The Horsemanship School’s business phone number at least two hours before the first class of the day. If classes are cancelled due to weather or any other reason we will attempt to call you at least two hours ahead of your class time. Please make sure that we have the most appropriate phone number to reach you.

MAKE-UP POLICY – If THS CANCELS a class for any reason; a make-up class, or credit or will be arranged.

NO MAKE-UP TIME, CREDIT OR REFUND is available if a student misses their assigned class.

LATE ARRIVAL – We understand that schedules and traffic can be difficult. We will accommodate late arrivals up until the point that the class is ready to leave the barn.

HORSE ASSIGNMENTS – Horses are assigned at the discretion of the instructor and may change during the session.