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~ Our Goal Is To Teach Horsemanship, Equine Safety
and English and Western Riding Skills To Children
Ensuring Them A Lifetime Of Pleasure Around Horses ~

What's New?

Safety Rules at THS!

Terhi Telsavaara

We all love our equine companions, there's no doubt about that! But horses are different from other animals which many people view as pets, like dogs or cats. While we can be affectionate and loving towards our horses, it is important to remember that they are large flight animals, and will always retain the instinct of self-preservation. They can also move very fast in all directions, which makes it especially important to be aware of our physical interaction. In order to make the most of our time with our equine friends, there are a few basic rules we teach here at THS. We believe these rules are so important that they are posted outside our main office. We want everyone to learn "horse sense!"

Because horses are flight animals, sneaking up on them or walking up directly behind them, where their visibility isn't as good, is not a good idea.

In most cases, your horse will outweight you by several hundred pounds...that's a lot of muscle behind their every movement!

Horse hoofs are strong. Wearing boots will protect your feet in the event that your pony's hoof lands on yours by accident.

Because proper equipment maintenance is so important to safety, we teach tack cleaning and care in all our camps!