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~ Our Goal Is To Teach Horsemanship, Equine Safety
and English and Western Riding Skills To Children
Ensuring Them A Lifetime Of Pleasure Around Horses ~

Finding A Riding Stable

Determine which stables in your area offer riding lessons

Internet search (  etc.

  • Check local feed stores and tack shops for flyers on bulletin boards.
  • Call horse veterinarians offices for referrals to local stables.
  • Call the stables you are considering and ask to talk to the owner/barn. manager.  Understand that they may be busy with horses/lessons and may have to call you back.
  • When you speak to them, evaluate if they are professional, knowledgeable, patient and interested in your inquiry.
  • Questions to ask on the phone
    • What age riders do you teach?
    • Does your barn specialize in a particular discipline?
    • Do you have experienced and well-mannered lesson horses?
    • What are the instructor’s qualifications?
    • What are your safety precautions?
    • How would you define your lesson program?
  • Select 2 or 3 barns that appear to fit with your needs and make an appointment to visit them while lessons are happening.
    • View a lesson that matches your rider’s skill level.
    • Visit with the instructors/staff between their lessons. 
      Be patient and understand that their students are their first priority.
    • Chat with the parents of other students at the barn for their impressions of the lesson program.
    • Watch how the horses are handled and how the instructor interacts with both the horses and the students in their charge.
    • Watch to see how safety precautions are practiced…not just preached.
  • Check Out The Facility And The Premises
    • Is the facility well maintained and tidy? Are the horses well fed, healthy and happy in their work?
    • Are the barn aisles clear and uncluttered?
    • Are the stalls fresh and do they appear to be cleaned regularly?
    • Are rules posted and followed by all staff, students and their parents?
    • Is their clear signage posted like NO SMOKING, required attire, etc?
    • Are their areas designated for the parents and siblings during lessons?
    • Is there an enclosed arena or other designated area for lessons? 
      • Is the area fenced with solid, safe fencing (NEVER WIRE) and at least chest high? 
      • Is the area well drained and level with adequate footing?
  • After doing your research, book an evaluation lesson and experience the barn (or barns) of your choice before making the final decision. 

    Best of luck in your search!